Why do you need a social media presence?

Your social media presence is like your digital business card. There are currently over 4.4 billion daily active internet users. This number makes up roughly 58% of the global population. Of these 4.4 billion people, 3.5 billion are active on social media. In a changing world where the younger generation is rising in numbers, the only way a business or brand will be able to stand out 5 years from now is by being showcased digitally with valuable and engaging content. This is because the attention of most people within the modern day has shifted towards phone screens.

Why doesn't our social media marketing work?

In order for your content to resonate with your potential consumers, it has to create engagement with them. You need to test, experiment, and see what works, plus your brand needs to personally engage with your followers who show interest in it. Modern day consumers have an attention span of less than 8 seconds when it comes to consuming a piece of social media content. The one factor that can generate your brand a higher percentage of response is creating and putting out relevant video content.

When does social media marketing work?

Most social media platforms limit the exposure of your social profiles to those who follow your accounts and search the hashtags you use within your posts. In order to gain more exposure to people relevant to your business, it is important that you implement a long-term social media marketing strategy. This is because if you implement a long-term social media marketing strategy, you will continuously build up rapport with your potential consumers. The best and most effective way to build rapport with your target audience is to create and put out engaging video content.

Why do we have a hard time achieving results from social media advertising on our own?

Most people tend to think that if you spend a little bit of money to promote a post, you can generate actual consumer leads for your business. In reality, all this does is show your post to more people, and the extra likes and shares you may get for it don’t actually translate to more people being strongly engaged and interested with your brand.

The only way to capture strong interest out of the people you are trying to target is to set up an actual advertising campaign, with the integration of primary ads, re-targeting ads, and a funnel in order to capture consumer information in exchange for the value you provide to your target audience.

Setting up an effective advertising campaign requires expert knowledge and experience, for there are various skills involved within the process such as videography, copy-writing, split-testing and pixel tracking to name a few.

What type of content works and what doesn’t?

Regardless of whatever type of content you create, you want it to provide value to your following. Value in the form of digital content is provided when a piece of content is either found educational or entertaining by its intended audience.

Along with providing value, you also want your content to be easy to digest. For example, if you’re a real estate agent wanting to educate your followers on how they can increase the value of their home, instead of posting an image with lots of plain text that most people would be uninterested to spend time reading, you should record a 1-minute video of yourself explaining the steps clearly, while smiling and using good tonality to connect with each of your followers on a personal level.

The one form of content that you should stay away from creating is content that no one is really going to care about. In other words, this is content that could be viewed by your audience as self-centered.

If you’re only going to talk about how great you are in your videos without providing upfront value to people, they’ll quickly get turned off by your image and will not feel any connection to you. Examples of this type of content can include showing off your car, talking about how much business you gained last month, or sharing photos of you eating at fancy restaurants.

Are likes, comments and shares important?

Likes, comments and shares are definitely important, just don’t confuse this kind of engagement with lead generation. The more likes you get on your posts, the better for your social image. In turn, you should be replying to each of the comments you receive on your posts.

Doing this will not only improve your social image towards others, but it will show the people who commented that you truly care for what they had to write.

Aside from likes and comments building up rapport between your business and its followers, the more engagement you receive within your posts, the more social media platforms such as Instagram will push your posts to be shown organically to more accounts.

Shares are also similarly important, for someone sharing a post of yours means that it will get shown to the followers of the person who shared it as well. Receiving this kind of engagement is great for organic social media growth, but in order to strengthen your brand’s social media presence, implementing a digital advertising campaign is highly recommended.

What is the difference between a long-term and short-term social media strategy?

Most business owners who try creating their own digital marketing ads fail because they believe that you can simply set up a basic ad to run for a month, and it will start generating you great results.

The truth is most people who see your ad for the first time don’t actually warm up to your brand right away, and the few people that do show some interest in your ad right away, and exchange their personal information to receive your offer, are not very warm leads, who are oftentimes just tire-kickers, in other words people who just want to take advantage of free offers and aren’t serious about becoming paying customers. In order to effectively spend money on generating warm leads over time, you need to implement a long-term social media marketing strategy that involves the creation of re-targeting ads.

The more your target audience gets exposed to your brand through re-targeting ads, the more likely they will be to actually buy from you. This is because after seeing multiple ads from your business, people will start to notice you and resonate with your brand more.

They will believe that your business is wildly successful since they are seeing and hearing about it all the time. In addition, these same people will believe that your business has an enormous marketing budget, when in reality that isn’t the case.

It is important to remember as a business owner that the more money you invest into running digital advertising campaigns, the better return on investment you will receive, and the more time you invest into running these campaigns, the more interest and warm leads you will generate over time. This is because if your competitors utilise social media advertising in your area as well, you will need to spend a little more money in order to really stand out from them.

How can my business and brand generate the best possible results?

When your brand continuously advertises and builds rapport with your consumers, your potential leads are a lot more likely to buy from you. The continuous exposure and promotion of your brand to your target audience will generate a much greater return on investment for you than a short-term strategy could.