How to maximise your social media organic growth potential while saving yourself time

Many of the business owners we’ve met in the past thought that their pieces of content all had to look professional and high quality. A lot of them thought that in order to really capture their audience’s interest, they absolutely had to take each and every picture from the perfect angle, and had to have the perfect lighting for their videos.

Sure, your content should look clean and presentable, but striving for perfection with your pictures and videos will never actually lead to you gaining more organic growth.

The reason for this is because if you keep on overthinking how good your content has to be, and if you continuously spend time retaking your pictures and videos, you’ll have less time to take numerous pictures and videos, which is really what you should be looking to do.

Organic growth only comes when you continuously post multiple times a day to your various accounts, and continuously resonate and build rapport with your intended audience by doing so. Along with that, the more natural and down to earth your content comes across to your followers, the more likely they will be to strongly relate to your brand.

In this current day and age where consumers are constantly being bombarded with professional looking ads, it is essential that you stand out by connecting with your audience on a personal and unfiltered level, rather than artificially.