Lead Generation

The ultimate goal of every business is to grow and gain more paying clients. Our Lead Generation System (available across multiple social media platforms) focuses on converting even the most hard to convince prospects over time.

We do not charge a retainer unlike the other guys, but only get paid when we can deliver!

Next Gen SEO and Website Creative

Our strategic partners have something HUGE! They have created an algorithm to take your SEO strategy to the next level. With this adaptive and ever changing algorithm we can allow your business to rate consistently higher in the rankings. Additionally, we provide a complete online brand presence solution through website building and development.

Organic Brand Growth / Consultative Services

We have studied best practices for brand growth on social media channels and have been able to pin point best strategies that actually gain results organically over time. Allow us to guide you in growing your brand organically.


How to gain best Lead Generation results?

Less than 5% of consumers are ready to buy when you advertise to them. Approximately 45% are ready to buy within 30-90 days after first introduced to the brand. The other 50% can take an average of a 1 year plus to convince to buy from you.

We have created a formula that converts prospects to playing clients over time. Allow us to create an online marketing strategy that can deliver real "HOT" leads specific to your brand!

Lead Generation Guarantee

Most social media marketing companies work on a retainer first and results later arrangement.

E.F.G. Inc. is different in that we do not charge you for anything upfront when we work on the goal of lead generation. Instead we charge a weekly per-lead fee, based on the real results produced.

We believe that truly, only a long-term collaborative relationship can deliver the best results possible. We provide the know-how and our clients provide the seeds we plant for mutual growth. Our guarantee is that we will never bill you when we can't deliver the results.

Consumers are inundated with Ads an average of 4,000 times per day, hence why we have built a system that converts COLD leads to HOT paying clients over time.


Request a Free Social Media Audit

Are you facing a difficulty in growing your content organically? We can help by offering a free audit of your current organic social media strategy today.