Top 10 Reasons why your social media marketing ads on Facebook and Instagram don’t generate results

Most small to medium sized businesses have tried advertising on two of the biggest social media networks Facebook and Instagram. And unless you are a seasoned social media marketer the ads tend to not deliver much in terms of results. Let’s discuss the main reasons behind why these ads fail.

  1. The message is muddled and doesn’t respond to any specific pain point a potential customer may have.
  2. The Ad doesn’t contain a “call to action” or has “too many calls to action” which detracts from the action!
  3. Consumers are tired of being sold to and scroll past your ad because it looks like an Ad!
  4. The image, carousel, slideshow or video presented doesn’t look appealing.
  5. The Ad uses stock image or photo and doesn’t come off as real or genuine.
  6. The budget is too small to compete with other businesses in your industry and area running ads.
  7. Your profile lacks regularly posted relevant content.
  8. The ad copy has too much text.
  9. The same ad runs across both platforms and the formatting looks off (i.e. hashtags, image/video sizing, call to action).
  10. No use of A/B split testing implemented to measure what works best.

When running Ads using this DIY approach it is crucial to use this as a learning experience. No one Ad will be perfect and work for your business the very first time. If you are struggling with Ad Copy, content creation ideas or setting up a proper funnel to generate leads, it may be worth it to get a second opinion on how you can improve your approach.

We offer a free social media presence and current Ad arsenal audit free of charge. Reach out to us on social media, email or call us to set up a time to review your current strategy today.